International Networks

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Aside from the Social Networks we all know and love today, there are many more out in the world that we have never encountered. There are numerous International Networks. Some Networks are very similar to the ones that we use today, but they’ve all got a little spin on them!



Netlog has joined forces with, so if you want to explore, visit that address! To bring it into perspective, Netlog is a mixture of Tumblr and traditional blogs. The social forum began in 2009 as ASL, then became known as Netlog in 2006 (through a series of name changes). There are 94 Million registered users, and the website has 20+ languages to accommodate their users. The forum targets global Youth demographics, where they can have their own website, in which they share blogs, pictures, videos, and events that their friends can all see. Netlog is the #1 social media forum in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, and Turkey!

tuenti-logo is the “Spanish version of Facebook”, in the sense that it’s based out of Spain and that’s were majority of their users reside. Tuenti began in 2006, but it didn’t kick start until 2009 and kept it’s popularity until 2012 (around the same time that Facebook took off). This is a private social media forum, in which you have to be invited to join by a person who already has a Tuenti account. It has up 54 Million users, and in 2014 it launched its forum in Chile and Ecuador, where they have had a positive response. Just like our Facebook, you can┬áset up a profile, upload photos, link videos and connect, chat with friends, and even make events.

studivz_logo is the social media forum that I found most interesting. This is a German based “early Facebook”. It was launched in October of 2005, but it’s had a steady decline since 2009. In 2010, it was calculated that there were an estimated of about 16 Million users, but in 2011, it showed that only 5.9 Million of the 16 Million registered users were actually active. It’s the biggest social media in Germany, and ranked in the Top 10 Social Medias in Switzerland and Austria. StudiVZ was created particularly for college students and university students in Europe. Like a cross between Tinder and Facebook, you can post your name, age, subjects you study, courses you’re taking, and groups you are a member of on StudiVZ.


  1. Which on of these I.N. do you find most interesting?
  2. If you had to join one, which one would it be? Why?
  3. You see a steady trend of decline in really any I.N. in the world outside of the U.S. Why do you think that is?
  4. Go to each of the sites. Don’t make a profile, but look at the sign in pages. Are there any similarities you see between them and the social medias you use? Any differences?