Vine: Six-Second Snapshots

Vine is a video streaming app and website that allows users to create six-second-long videos that they can share and watch on repeat. Vine was created by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. It was bought the same year by Twitter for a reported $30 million before Twitter launched it to the world in 2013. It was launched as an iOS compatible app first and then six months later was also available for Android and then Windows users by the end of 2013.

Within April of 2013, Vine had become the most used video sharing app amongst all other video sharing apps. It became the most downloaded free app in the Apple Store of the year. It went viral and caught on with users that loved fast paced content.

In early 2015, Vine launched a kids version of the app that was designed with having child friendly content in mind. The app provides an automatic feed (swipe right for new content) with entertaining, “age appropriate” videos. It is currently only available on iOS devices, but is coming soon to Android.

What is it that is so appealing about vine? When it first came out, people were fascinated with the idea of a six-second long entertaining video that could be repeated over and over. The fad caught on so quickly and abundantly, Instagram decided to add videos to their list of content viewing features.

Many people got their claim to fame by becoming avid Vine creators. They were paid to sponsor products in their Vines and made a name for themselves. Most Viners focused on either comedy or music to promote themselves. Some of these famous Viners are people like Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Harry Styles (Yes, the One Directioner), Josh Peck (from Drake and Josh), Shawn Mendes, or Page Kennedy.

Vine most recently has been said to be on the decline in popularity ratings. As of December 2015, the platform had 200 million active users. Though that is a large number, they are currently losing members every year.

Social media analysts are saying that the reason Vine is not sticking around is because there has been a shift in what people are finding entertaining. Facebook videos, Instagram photos, and Tweets are taking the majority of millennials attention and they do not want to have to open yet another app.


  1. Do you have a Vine account? If you do, do you still use it regularly? What do you enjoy about it?
  2. Which Viners do or did you find entertaining when using Vine?
  3. Do you think the six-second limit is hindering the app’s potential for more content?
  4. Do you think Vine is on a major decline with millennials since its launch in 2012?
  5. If you do think it is on the decline, what do you think they could do to promote or revamp Vine?