With 85 percent of Pinterest’s 100 million users being female, it’s no surprise this fast-growing DIY tool is my favorite form of social media. Pinterest is an idea motivator and generator. It is used to store ideas users want to attempt later or quickly generate creativity for something they are currently working on.

Pinterest is popularly used as a future planner. Pinterest boards range all the way from wedding ideas to “How to Save Money for Retirement.” Most of Pinterest’s users are stereotyped as wishful thinkers because this dream-inducing social media site raises the bar on our life expectations. No longer can we just live life, we must live life vibrantly enough to compare to the fairy tales we see on Pinterest. For example, it would be out of the ordinary to simply cook an early lunch for your friends after church. You must serve them a full brunch complete with orange juice served in champagne glasses with colored straws and a biscuit bar adorned with 12 types of organic jelly.

While I may have future plan boards dedicated to weddings and future homes, I also use it for upcoming, or current events. Pinterest has changed the way women view their closets. When I want to wear a specific article of clothing, I simply type said item into the search box followed by the word “outfit,” and a plethora of options become available. This way I can wear my “black bomber jacket” multiple times without repeating an outfit. While this may seem insignificant, department stores are actually suffering due to Pinterest’s wardrobe generator.

Like the majority of social media sites, Pinterest is also utilized by businesses. These businesses range from large corporations like Whole Foods to small business owners like The Pioneer Woman. Whole Foods uses Pinterest to market to their environmentally-friendly consumers by creating boards linked to gardening and volunteer projects. This technique allows consumers to see this company’s conscious personality while building up Whole Foods’ brand. The Pioneer Woman, a food blogger who has her own line of cookbooks and cookware, pins photos taken at her ranch to make her more personable to consumers. Putting products in everyday scenarios and displaying them through vivid photographs ignites a customer’s interest in the product because they can actual see it in use. Through Pinterest, companies are able to connect with end-users through an eye-pleasing medium that encourages the use of their products through DIY projects.
(These are only a few businesses that take advantage of Pinterest. Numerous others benefit from this site:

25 percent of Global 100 companies have a Pinterest, and 43 percent of users admit to using Pinterest to learn more about a brand. With impressive statistics like these, companies are inclined to get the most out of Pinterest. To take their company to the next level, marketing specialists must understand the art of pinning. There are three types of pins: Promoted Pins for Awareness, a pin that forces Pinners to think about the topic; Promoted Pins for Intent, an information packed pin that is usually used for future reference; and Promoted Pins for Action, a Pin that encouragers a Pinner to do something. Understanding the variations of Pinning, a company can use strategy to target customers, thus utilizing the idea-generating social media site.

Comment Generators

Has Pinterest raised your expectations about certain life events? If so, which ones?

If you do not have a Pinterest account, what do you think you would use it for if you did?

What business do you constantly see making a presence on Pinterest?

Do you use Pinterest more for everyday needs or long-term future plans? What is your favorite board?

When posting a recipe, would you use a Promoted Pin for Awareness, Promoted Pin for Intent or a
Promoted Pin for Action?


37 thoughts on “Pinterest”

  1. 1. Definitely! Weddings, future homes, hairstyles..really basically on everything but mostly weddings.
    3. I mostly see clothing stores posting inventory
    4.I use it lots to look at wedding dresses, rings, venues, decorations, pictures…aka VERY long term hehehe
    5.Promted Pin for Action


    1. Hairstyles is definitely a good one, Bekah. We rarely think about how much time, effort, and money was put into one photograph…and we expect it to be an everyday norm.

      Clothing stores have a large presence on Pinterest because they are able to provide a link that takes the consumer directly to the page where they can purchase an item.

      I’ll post the answer to the last question once everyone has had an opportunity to answer.
      Great comments!


  2. 1. Pinterest has definitely raised my expectations for life events such as weddings or decorations for my future home.
    3. I see a lot of clothing stores. Lately I have seen a lot of Nike and Lulu Lemon.
    4. I use Pinterest for a little of both. I can use it to plan outfits, hairstyles, and even recipes or crafts I want to do on a daily basis. I also use it to plan my future wedding and dream home.
    5. Promoted pin for action


    1. Thanks for commenting Emily! Future home decoration is definitely a category where Pinterest has set the bar pretty high. Also, you are so right about Lulu Lemon, she has definitely acknowledged her presence on Pinterest!


    2. I totally agree with you on the raised expectations for big life events. I’m always seeing things for a home that I would love to have, but will probably never actually be able to get. I like a lot of the outfits I see on twitter, but I don’t feel like they are actually things I own in my own closet. So that’s a stretch for me.


  3. I have a Pinterest mainly to go on “pinning sprees” mainly for lightsabers, swords, and other things related to geek culture, and I love how you talked about not only how you use Pinterest already, but how other users and businesses can and do use it!

    1. I don’t think Pinterest has raised my expectations about certain life events, mainly because I don’t use it for planning or for specific ideas. I do, however, have a board dedicated to the tiny house/shipping container house movement, so it at least has given me some ideas as to what I want in a first house.

    3. Most of the businesses I see on Pinterest are smaller operations, like Starfall Sabers, Saberforge, and Ultrasabers, mainly because those three companies have made their own notable niche in the saber creation community. They all create sabers that Star Wars enthusiasts love buying (or even customizing in the case of Starfall since their hilts also use wood, leather, and other materials in addition to the usual metal) and they make them look like pieces of art that can last in a heavy duel.

    4. As I said earlier, I’m a sporadic Pinner. I just re-pin things I like or find an interest in! I don’t really have a favorite board, but I follow topics like “Lightsaber” and “Swords”.

    5. Likely Promoted Pin for Action


    1. I’m so glad you brought up “tiny houses.” This is becoming a very popular subject on Pinterest. I love looking at the different architecture that can be achieved with these houses.


  4. I think that Pintrest has raised my expectations for how my home should look, what dishware I should buy, how I dress, etc. It raises the question of how I can compete with this classic, DIY, rustic look that bombards the contemporary style section of Pintrest. Like you said, it is a fairy tale! I don’t use Pintrest much, and am known to go weeks or months on end without looking at it once. However, I use it most often for recipes and clothing. I’m guessing that a recipe pin would be a Pin for Action, because the desire is for the pinner to make the recipe and promote it further after a (hopefully) good turnout.

    This is a great review on Pintrest, Ali! I never realized how popular the site is for more than just DIY projects and addicting recipes!


    1. I’m happy to hear you have the same love of Pinterest recipes as I do, Haley! These recipes are always helpful for parties and quick meals.


    2. I totally agree with you Haley! There are so many things to look at on Pinterest that it can be overwhelming to be expected to follow all the different ideas. I love having all the options and inspiration, but sometimes it can be much!


  5. 1. Most definitely! Things like my wedding, future home, or any future vacation I may take.
    3. I mostly see Nike
    4. More long-term than everyday needs. My favorite board is a tie between wedding ideas and tattoo ideas
    5. Promoted Pin for Action


    1. Thanks for sharing a different board than anyone else has mentioned. Having a tattoo board shows the endless categories Pinterest provides.


      1. They’re usually just things that I keep in mind for eventually wanting, but probably never going to get. Out of the tattoo pins that I have, I probably have only gotten one. There’s one that I am planning on getting in a few years, but the others are mostly just dreams haha.


  6. 1. Although I do not use Pinterest, I find it interesting that so many of my female friends pour their hearts out onto this site.

    2. If I had a Pinterest account, I’m fairly certain I would use it to keep up with awesome graphic design trends.

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    5. N/A


    1. Nice to see I’m not the only one out of the Pinterest loop. I guess I just can’t see the value in having one considering how marketed it is to women. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how they swing their demographic to represent more male users?


  7. 1)Pinterest is truly something that I find interesting because of just the funny things that are on there and the cool things like food and ideas that people can get from it. Like if I wanted to cook I could jump on it and think of something that I liked and make it through the site.
    2) the only reason I have one is because my girlfriend loves to send me pins of the most random things. Other than that I stopped using it.
    3)I think the food companies. Like I said you can jump on and find mostly any food item and how to make something with it.
    4)the only time I get on it anymore is when my girlfriend sends me a random pin but other than that I don’t get on. When I was I think my favorite board was the game of thrones one I had.


    1. Richard, I really liked reading your comment because you are one of the few guys I know that have Pinterest. Seeing that you have one kind of makes me want to try it out. I’m actually interested to see how the dynamic of “boards” works.


    2. Richard, it’s nice seeing this from a guy’s perspective as you are definitely in the minority. This was we can see although it is geared more to a female base, there is still things for guys out there.


  8. Good job Ali. Your post was filled with interesting content. I personally do not have a Pinterest but I do use a similar service called StumbleUpon. It is basically the same service but has more content that is gender neutral. It was amazing to see that 25% of of Global 100 companies have Pinterest. I did not know that it was such a good tool for advancing a brand. If I had a Pinterest, I think I would use it for finding interesting arts and crafts to try out.


    1. I also use StumbleUpon! I love it. It can really widen your viewing and can give you many new sites that are out of your comfort zone.


  9. I will start by saying that Pinterest is my favorite social media to use. I actually probably use it too much. It is a tab that is always open on my computer and the first I use when I want to waste time or become creatively inspired. I have currently pinned 10, 523 pins and liked 10,283. I find it to be an excellent de-stresser and a wonderful creative outlet when I feel overwhelmed by school and other things.

    1. Has Pinterest raised your expectations about certain life events? If so, which ones?
    Yes, I think it has for me, but in a good way. It has made me aware that you can make things for different events rather than buy them. It also gives you so many ideas that you never would have thought of otherwise.

    2. If you do not have a Pinterest account, what do you think you would use it for if you did?
    I am an addicted Pinner so…

    3. What business do you constantly see making a presence on Pinterest?
    Many organic brands advertise on Pinterest. I also have noticed different clothes brands being promoted.

    4. Do you use Pinterest more for everyday needs or long-term future plans? What is your favorite board?
    I use it more for inspiration for fashion and travel. I have an Inspiration board I use for clothes that I LOVE. But probably my favorite board is my Follow Me Into the Woods board which focuses on camping, backpacking, and the outdoors.

    5. When posting a recipe, would you use a Promoted Pin for Awareness, Promoted Pin for Intent or a
    Promoted Pin for Action?
    I normally pin with the intent of making the food, but I normally don’t get around to it.


    1. Wow, Elise, 10, 523 pins is extremely impressive! Love the idea of your “Follow Me Into the Woods” board. I enjoy seeing people put some thought into their board names.


    2. 10,000+ pins is impressive! I agree with you that Pinterest can be an awesome creative outlet–it easily provides inspiration for everything from DIY projects to office organization.


  10. I wouldn’t say Pinterest has raised my expectations about certain life events, but it definitely has given me confidence before in areas that I probably just shouldn’t mess with. I’ve had a few Pinterest fails in my life. Things don’t always turn out as cute as they look in pictures.

    Recently, I have even seen recipe ideas promoted by business like Pillsbury or Hidden Valley.

    I would say a lot of times I pin for future plans, but not necessarily long-term. I pin recipes I may be planning on using that weekend or haircuts I may want to get in the next week when I have a hair appointment. One of my favorite boards is my Graphic Design board where I post things to inspire my future designs and help keep me up to date on current trends.

    Promoted Pin for Action


    1. I’ve pinned outfits that I thought would be fitting for an event that I was going to that upcoming weekend. I will try to go shopping and find those particular items that I’ve pinned. haha.


  11. Pinterest has raise my expectations for life events, because you now have all these ideas at your fingertips. I do have a Pinterest account. I have both ‘long term’ and ‘everyday needs’ boards, pinning for what I might need in the future and what catches my eye now. My favorite board has to be my ‘My Style’ board or my ‘Summer’ board because I have all of my loves on those two. I didn’t know there were different pins, but I definitely fall in the Intent category! You never know what you might need later on!


  12. 1. Although I do not actually have a Pintrest, everyone of my female friends do, and it has definitely raised their expectations on most everything. So as a guy we have higher standards to live up to now.
    2. If i had a Pinterest, I guarantee it would be 100% stupid puns and jokes and pictures of food I would pretend I was going to cook one of these days.
    3. Since I don’t have one I really don’t know but i’d assume any company wanting to be viable on social media has one.
    4. N/a
    5. N/a


  13. Has Pinterest raised your expectations about certain life events? If so, which ones?–Pinterest definitely raised my expectations for living in a dorm. Towards the end of my senior year of high school, I made a board for what I wanted my dorm room to look like. I remember being severely disappointed in how the stark white Francie walls looked in comparison to the beautiful designer dorms I had pinned in the months before I moved in!

    What business do you constantly see making a presence on Pinterest?–I see a lot of clothing companies promoting their products, but I also see a lot of blogs promoting their content.

    Do you use Pinterest more for everyday needs or long-term future plans? What is your favorite board?–I have some boards dedicated to everyday needs (I have one board dedicated to how I organize my planner, which I use every day) but others are dedicated to long-term plans. My favorite board is an example of this long-term planning–my “adventures to have” board has kind of turned into a travel bucket list for trips both in the U.S. and abroad.

    When posting a recipe, would you use a Promoted Pin for Awareness, Promoted Pin for Intent or a
    Promoted Pin for Action?–I’ll say Promoted Pin for Action, although I typically never get around to actually following through when I pin a recipe.


    1. I usually don’t follow through with my recipe pins either Katie, but I did go through with one of them, and it was bomb! It was a type of parmesan stuffed chicken. I make it on a regular now and it is one of my favorite dishes to make.


  14. Has Pinterest raised your expectations about certain life events? If so, which ones?: Yes, I would have to say the inexpensive items that you can use as decorations for weddings, birthday parties, special events like that.

    If you do not have a Pinterest account, what do you think you would use it for if you did? : I do have a pinterest account and I use it to look up different recipes, fashion updates, home decor, tattoo ideas, all sorts of things lol.

    What business do you constantly see making a presence on Pinterest? : Etsy

    Do you use Pinterest more for everyday needs or long-term future plans? What is your favorite board?: I use it mostly for long term future plans like home decorations.

    When posting a recipe, would you use a Promoted Pin for Awareness, Promoted Pin for Intent or a Promoted Pin for Action? : Promoted Pin for Intent.


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